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Gai Padden

Gai's research leads to real health soultions

C.L. Services "Health Solutions" has evolved over the past 16 years through the management of rheumatoid arthritis and cancer suffered by Gai's husband

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Don't exercise, CELLERCISE®... The Home exercise trampoline you can trust.

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Welcome to C.L. Services "Health Solutions" and Detox Products

Welcome to C.L. Services "Health Solutions"

We sell a range of proven and economical healthy lifestyle products and equipment and provide a referral service detailing treatments and practitioners. We have a huge range of homewares and detox products for full body detox, including water filters and bioelectric shields. Based in Fremantle, near Perth, Western Australia we can supply health products to the whole of Australia.

Our on-going commitment is to research and source the latest developments world-wide in equipment, products, treatments and practitioners to alleviate  illness and promote well-being.

We welcome you to come and spend time exploring our range of products, books and information sheets. We will be happy to answer any questions relating to health issues and having spent over 16 years having many treatments, following different protocols and  being treated by a diverse group of main stream medical and alternative health practitioners, we will generally have some knowledge of most practices.

We have learned that knowledge is available to us all if we listen and learn, not only from the health practitioners but also from the experiences of us all.

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Honoring the traditions of both traditional and quantum physics, the all natural crystal technology of the BioElectric Shield protects and regulates your bio-energetic field.

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