Company Profile


Gai Padden

C. L. Services "Health Solutions" commenced business in the year 2000. The principal, Gai Padden, started researching treatments and products due to her husband being diagnosed firstly with rheumatoid arthritis and then cancer.

In the past nine years the knowledge gained in the Health Industry of those treatments, products and the practitioners has been put to good use.

We provide this information plus advice gathered from practitioners and our clients to help people circumvent the trauma and helplessness of being diagnosed with a life threatening disease and not knowing what to do, where to go or who to believe.

The community of "like minded" professional and lay people we have met over those nine years, and who we are in touch with regularly have, or have access to, knowledge of most procedures and products on the market, also of the practitioners.

Everything on the planet is vibrating at a particular level and we are all sensitive to the results of this vibration. We attract some people and repel others just as others attract or repel us and there is not a lot we can do to change this. However understanding this phenomenon will allow us to deal with the situations which arise from it more sensibly.

This is particularly significant when selecting a practitioner to help you. If you are not on the same wavelength as your practitioner your treatment will be compromised.

One of the main problems in finding the "right" treatments or products is the almost universal practice of treating the symptoms without identifying the underlying causes of the problem. Our body is a complex machine, a biochemistry jigsaw puzzle.

It is not possible to predict the effect of any mineral or supplement on the body unless thorough biochemical testing is carried out (hair analysis can be part of such testing).

What we can do immediately is to remove from our lives any sources of contamination and add what we do need to renew and support our health, for example remove:

  • heavy metals and chemicals from our drinking and bathing water
  • chemicals from our food
  • chemicals from skin, body and make-up products
  • chemical free cleaning and laundry products
  • radiation from phones, computer, TV, microwave cookers, power points.

For example add:

  • "live" juices: vegetables, some fruit, herbs
  • "live" sprouts: wheatgrass, broccoli, alfalfa, sunflower, sesame
  • organic: fruit, vegetables, herbs, bread, butter, eggs, milk, tea, pasta, flour, coffee etc
  • organic meat and chicken, and fish (not farmed)
  • energized water
  • dehydrated food for minimal nutrition loss
  • probiotics:friendly bacteria to assist, restore and maintain intestinal microflora
  • sea minerals for complete, natural and nutritional care
  • detox: far infrared saunas, ionic detox footbath, parasite/liver/kidney cleanses, foot pads, teas
  • exercise: trampoline, qigong, tai chi, palliates, swimming, walking
  • nutritional supplements:based on your body biochemistry
  • meditation: classes, books, tapes
  • biochemical analysis of the body:testing to determine the condition of every organ and functioning of the various systems