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C.L. Services "Health Solutions" has evolved over the past 16 years through the management of rheumatoid arthritis and cancer suffered by Gai's husband

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WILLAUTRONIC Mobile Phone Chip

WILLAUTRONIC Mobile Phone Chip

WILLAUTRONIC Mobile Phone Chip

WILLAUTRONIC Mobile Phone Chip

WILLAUTRONIC Mobile Phone Chip

WILLAUTRONIC Mobile Phone Chip

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WILLAUTRONIC Mobile Phone Chip

The WillauTronic® technology

March 2004 saw the formation of WillauTronic® by outstanding German researcher, inventor and naturopath Walter Laufs. It was the culmination of many decades of extensive research and development which had their humble beginnings, in the 1970s, in Walter's own research and development facilities in the Black Forest in Germany, and later in his hugely successful clinic for natural medicine and center for allergy treatments. These facilities researched various areas of environmental issues such as geopathic disturbances, electro-smog and chemical contaminants. Drawing on his extensive knowledge in medicine, homeopathy and physics, Walter experimented with a wide range of possibilities to reduce the dangerous effects of environmental pollution and stress causation. During this time, he invented various diagnostic and therapeutic devices which have been instrumental in developing his own highly acclaimed series of products offering more than protection against the effects of electro-smog.


When cell phones makes you ill…

Day in, day out, we are exposed to an overwhelming and steadily increasing amount of radiation. Due to the fact that this radiation cannot be seen and, in most cases, not even directly felt, people wrongly assume that it simply does not exist. More often than not, headaches, sleeplessness and concentration disorders (ADD) are linked to everyday stress instead of the real invisible culprit, i.e., excessive radiation caused by e-smog from cells/mobiles, domestic appliances, satellites, transmitter masts, TVs, radios, etc. The hazardous effects of making phone calls from a cell phone have been amply proven in innumerable scientific studies and research papers. The Freiburger Appell (Appeal of Freiburg), one of the many internationally published proclamations warning the general public of the hazards of e-smog, has been supported by more than 40.000 medical doctors from all over the world. General awareness – in health care professionals and the public alike – is steadily increasing while the populace is responding more and more sensitively and acutely to the growing pollution of the environment. Given this backdrop, there is an urgent need for protection from e-smog and microwave radiation. The optimized, state-of-the-art WillauTronic® technology is the answer to this need.


According to research…

Today, radiation is everywhere. Bio-organisms on earth - flora and fauna alike - have, in the course of time, adapted and learned to deal with natural radiation. With the advent of modern technology, however, man-made radiation has become an issue to be reckoned with, particularly since artificial radiation - e.g., electric gadgets, high frequency power transmitters, Bluetooth devices or cells/mobile telephones using modulated signals – is constantly rising, silently finding its way into our lives, workplaces and homes.


By now, the detrimental effects of man-made radiation on the human body have been irrefutably proven in countless studies. Radiation related symptoms include headaches, concentration disorders as well as rogue cell proliferation due to stress, to name but a few (see illustration darkfield microscopy: stress related changes of erythrocytes). Yet despite the mountains of evidence pertaining to the multiple adverse health effects of microwaves, e.g., by notable authorities such as Dr. Leberecht von Klitzing, Prof. Dr. Varga, Dr. George Carlo and many others, there are still no sensible guidelines defining biologically acceptable safety limits.


The question we at WillauTronic® - particularly its founder Walter Laufs - were pondering was this: are we to wait it out until a definition was found which was going to satisfy all the parties involved? Or are we going to find a way to neutralize harmful radiation? WillauTronic® decided to develop a technical solution: the WillauTronic® Area Neutralizer. Based on the principle of destructive interference, stress inducing information signals are being cancelled out by the principle of interference (see illustration below).


Numerous studies were able to prove that the WillauTronic® Area Neutralizer was capable of harmonizing both electromagnetic and geopathic fields, thus lastingly protecting the body from the harmful effects of radiation. According to independent tests, mobile phones fitted with the WillauTronic® transponder chips were able to reverse stress levels by 180%! 



Willau Tronic® Products


The iHit technology which is base for the Willau Tronic® products is the result of more than 15 years research in the field of electrosmog, there of sole eight years in the own hospital led by Walter Lauf. The physical and medical experiences of that time are incorporated into the Willau Tronic® products.
WillauTronic® Products
Following the principle of the "destructive interference" the stress generating information signals are switched off due to according programming (interference)
Mobile Phone Chip GPS included. Highly valued transponder chip for mobile phones of all makes-5 year warranty Handy Chip
Computer / Laptop Chip Highly valued transponder Chip for PC (Personal Computer) / Laptop of all makes-5 year warranty PC Chip
TV-Chip Highly valued transponder chip for TV screens of all makes-5 year warranty TV-Chip
Cordless Phone Chip Highly valued transponder chip for cordless phones of all makes-5 year warranty DECT Telefone
Area - eSmog Room Neutralizer Highly valued Area-eSmog Room Neutralizer for the complete neutralization of radiation contaminated rooms Room neutralizer
Microwave oven Chip Highly valued transponder chip for microwave ovens of all makes-5 year warranty Microwave Chip

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