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C.L. Services "Health Solutions" has evolved over the past 16 years through the management of rheumatoid arthritis and cancer suffered by Gai's husband

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ADEM Security Unit

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ADEM Security Unit

ADEM Advanced Detector & External Monitor
In this climate of ever increasing crime there finally has been a revolutionary breakthrough in security devices in the area of personal, home and business security. Currently when people think of security devices they think of a control unit with a number of differing detectors, a keypad, a remote arming device, a siren, costly installation and constant ongoing monitoring costs.

Now for the good news! ADEM is a totally new concept in security. The ADEM Compac is an all Australian developed Advanced Detector and External Monitoring device. The ADEM unit is a fully self contained security system with a host of features that make every other competitive device obsolete.

Fully self contained portable security system

  • Monitor Your Own Premises, Home, Factory, Shop, Boat etc.
  • No Monitoring Fees
  • Advanced Precision Audio Processing Technology
  • All Features User Programmable
  • Simple and Quick to Install
  • Fully Austel Approved
  • Monitor any site by phoning in from anywhere in the world!
These are just some of the great features of this newly developed advanced detector and external monitoring surveillance technology designed specifically with your needs in mind

The ADEM has been fully researched, developed and manufactured in Australia

The ADEM requires no external power, installation is simply two screws into the wall then plug into the existing phone line. The ADEM is portable and easily programmed.

The ADEM must first be programmed with two contact phone numbers (mobile and/or conventional) and a unique identifying message. Once armed and the PIR motion sensor is activated. ADEM will, without any audible alert, dial the first number and playback your message and ask you to enter your PIN number. After entering your PIN number the advanced precision audio processing microphones are activated enabling you to hear any sounds of an intrusion.

If an intruder is heard you can:
  • Activate talk back and speak directly to the intruder
  • Call the police, security service or neighbours
  • Attend the site personally
  • Activate the in-built siren
  • Continue to monitor for further information
  • In case of false alarm, simply hang up

The unit is portable and has a wide range of applications:
  • Home and Business
  • Ideal for rental and leased properties
  • Easy relocation to multiple sites
  • Display Homes, Factory Units, Schools, Warehouses, Boats, Garages.
  • Dial in monitoring of site from anywhere in the world