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Our Products

BioElectric Shield S/S+BrassTabs  Polished Finish

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BioElectric Shield S/S+BrassTabs Polished Finish


Feeling Stressed?
Fatigued? Overloaded?

Now you can easily shield yourself from stress, fatigue and energy-draining radiation caused by the electromagnetic pollution all around you: from cell phones, computers, and other technology even negative energy from people!

Introducing the BioElectric Shield.
Wearing this medically-proven, all-natural device you will experience increased natural energy, focus and performance.
The BioElectric Shield is a proven way to
  • Shield you from cell phone and computer EMF or negative energy from people or places
  •  Strengthen your energy & resistance to stress
  • Increase your attention and ability to focus

Users of the BioElectric Sheild testify to its life-changing power to balance, protect and renew our energy. We guarantee it!

Shield Products

Over the years, thousands of users tell the BioElectric Shield story best.
Bestselling author Dannion Brinkley reports that it has given him "more energy, greater clarity of thought and better perception."A video editor wrote that "After working on computers all day I was exhausted. With the Shield I am now alert and able to enjoy my evenings."

Best-selling author, Wayne Dyer reports "I've noticed a significant shift in my energy, particularly after long periods of time on airplanes. ". A banker describes the emotional benefits: "I am just so different when being around people who would have ordinarily really affected my energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. An investment in my health and you cannot put a price tag on that."

How does this amazing device work? (Watch video) The living energy BioElectric Shield provides a lifetime of protection, stress reduction, and energy enhancement. (More information) The Shield, using Earth Resonance Technology (ERT) contains a scientifically activated matrix of quartz and other living crystals which:

  • PROTECT you from cell phone, computer and other electromagnetic radiation by deflecting and redirecting this unhealthy energy
  • STRENGTHEN AND REINFORCE your own natural healthy energy field amplifying your abilities to handle stressful situations and people more easily
  • BALANCE and enhances your natural energy,improving focus,performance and goal achievement

What is special about Earth Resonance Technology? Other devices use technologies with similar names. The resonance described in these devices is an artificial frequency, generated by a computer chip and often combined with other artificial materials.

Our Earth Resonance Technology is created by a special matrix of natural quartz and other crystals which are then Energetically Charged in a special all natural chamber which activates the powerful resonant field which surrounds you, strengthening, balancing and protecting you.

Shield Description
Handcrafted, only the finest quality all natural, living crystals and precious metals are used. Each Shield is 1 3/16" in diameter, weighing 1/2 oz. and comes with a black cord.




If you do not live in Australia, please see how to order the Shield that will work properly in the region where you live. They come ready to wear with a black satin cord.

The chains are optional, but are chosen for size, proportion and strength necessary for the shield. The chain is an excellent investment, as cords have a tendency to wear out eventually.

BioElectric Shields

Sterling Silver with Pure Brass Tabs
This Shield provides excellent protection, balancing and strengthening of your energy field. It can be worn by children, adults and pets. It can also be hung in a room to keep the room clear of unhealthy energies from computers, tv's etc.

For more information, click on the photos, and also please refer to these pages:
For Your Children More Information
For Your Baby More Information
For your Pet More Information

Purchase Now:

Satin Style $ 

Polished Style $ 

All Sterling Silver Shield
The all Sterling Silver shield has the same protective, healing and strengthening properties as the Sterling with Brass Tabs shields.

Satin Style $
Polished Style $

Sterling Silver with Gold Tabs
When you wear a Shield, the energy from the crystal matrix is conducted through the precious metals to blend with your own energy. Gold is the strongerst conductor of this energy. Adding 5 gold tabs amplifies the Shield energy around you, increasing your protection, strengthening and balancing . Recommended for cell phone/computer users or those sensitive to other people's energy.

Purchase Now:

Satin Finish (SGT) $

Polished Finish (PGT) $


All 14k Gold Shields
The 14K Gold Shields are the most powerful Shields we offer. Because the gold offers a finer, stronger translation of the crystal matrix, you enjoy more balancing and strengthening than the classic shield. Recommended for those who are sensitive to energy or work many hours a week in front of computers. Wearing this Shield, many say that they are calm, and feel an inner strength, as well as feeling strongly protected from unhealthy energies.Choose style - with or without diamond, or in white gold.

Classic 14k Gold style - $

14K Gold Diamond Shield $
Classic 14K White Gold style $      (More Info) 

Individually Customized Shields
Many people with special physical challenges, very sensitive energy, or demanding work/home environment find a custom-designed Shield makes an outstanding change for the better in their life. The individualized shield internal crystal matrix is configured differently from the standard matrix so that it can accomplish certain goals that will be specifically beneficial to you IN ADDITION to the normal benefits you will receive from the Shield. Your special matrix will be placed inside ANY shield style you prefer. If you have a special request for a Shield, it is possible that it can be made for you. All white gold, adding gems, adding a magnet, and all silver are examples of special orders.


ADD/ADHD Focusing Shields
The focusing shield was originally designed for ADD/ADHD children or adults diagnosed with this attention deficit disorder. We strongly recommend the gold tab style for anyone diagnosed as ADD/ADHD. The brass tab style is excellent for children or adults who have some challenges staying focused when there is too many interruptions. We have had other individuals who feel "spaced out" more often than they find useful, and this shield provides energetic grounding for them. Many adults simply love this Shield.

In addition to the normal benefits felt by wearing a normal Shield, this style constantly assists you in re-focusing your energy to the task at hand. It allows you to multi-task calmly, producing satisfaction as you juggle several issues at once.

Brass Tab - Satin 
Brass Tab- Polished 

Gold Tab - Satin                                                       Gold Tab -Polished  

Shield Accessories

Sterling Silver Chain 22" length                          Sterling Silver Chain 24" length
Sterling Silver Chain 30" length 

More About the Shield
The BioElectric Shield IS:

  • Handcrafted by artisans in Montana.
  • Charged in a specific Crystal Room prior to shipping (no other process can activate crystal matrix to full power).
  • Designed to work forever with minimal effort on your part. You can keep it at 100% effectiveness by recharging your Shield monthly by hanging it in a window. Natural daylight will recharge the crystals in about six hours.
  • Configured of natural, living crystals that resonate with you, change and grow with you to protect, balance and strengthen your natural energy field.
  • Compatible with other crystals, gems, magnets and other energy balancing devices.
The BioElectric Shield is NOT:
  • Plastic, mass-produced, machine-made or containing a battery or computer chip.
  • Generating any artificially-created frequency as computer chips and batteries do.
  • Like other products that may "fix" or lock in your energy at just one frequency.
  • Ground-up crystals or just one crystal.

A device that needs to be "cleared" or be returned for recharging. Naturally we have heard from thousands of customers since 1990. The most common reactions are that people feel less stressed out, more balanced, more focused, productive and just "happier". Life is easier and more fun. Another very interesting common reaction is that users are more compassionate towards others. They say they just don't get triggered by the things that used to really get them going. Read more customer comments.

Several systematic programs of kinesiological and meridian testing have confirmed a 100% -400% boost in measures of energetic well-being. You'll find the research studies consistently show protection and strengthening of the human energy field.

The Shield looks terrific, and you'll love the way you feel. It features an attractive "turtle" design, with five contrasting tabs, and comes with an attractive black cord and full instructions.

What Users Are Saying:
"In my 22 years of practice as a Chiropractic physician, I have not been as excited about something that successfully not only improved one's overall feeling of health and energy, but even reduced pain. As a faculty member at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, I will recommend the Shield to students to broaden their base of health management modalities in addition to anyone who wishes to increase their level of energy and also reduce the effects of stress." Ronald S. Dunn, D.C.Faculty Palmer College of Chiropractic West

"I purchased a Shield about 2 months ago. I get quite a few compliments on it; more important is how I feel wearing it. I feel calmer, happier, and more in control. I have been treated for Seasonal Affective Disorder for 2 years, and just recently realized that I haven't used my light box for 2 months! Any other time, I would have felt draggy and grumpy within a week or two. This is a great product!" Mary Sue Sylwestrzak, M.D.

"As many of you know, if you read my book, I was struck by lighting, was pronounced dead, went down the tunnel of Light, and then returned to earth. From that time on I was excruciatingly sensitive to all energy. I could 'feel' a TV if it was on in the other room. The Shield transformed my life. Once I started wearing it, life was much easier for me. When I wear the Shield, I have more energy, greater clarity of thought and better perception. I see energy now, and I can tell you, it balances the body all the way to the level of the DNA. It deflects incredible amounts of unhealthy energy, balances the body, and truthfully, I recommend it every chance I can." Dannion Brinkley New York Times Best Seller, Saved By the Light

About the Inventor
Dr. Charles W. Brown is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist who has practiced in Boston, MA and Billings, MT for 25 years as a Pain Specialist. He has studied nutrition for over 21 years and is certified in Applied Kinesiology. Drawing from his extensive education, knowledge of physics and years of working with the human mind and body, Dr. Brown created the BioElectric Shield in 1990.