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Gai Padden

Gai's research leads to real health soultions

C.L. Services "Health Solutions" has evolved over the past 16 years through the management of rheumatoid arthritis and cancer suffered by Gai's husband

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Don't exercise, CELLERCISE®... The Home exercise trampoline you can trust.

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GRANDER Water Revitalisers Penergiser

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GRANDER Water Revitalisers Penergiser

Grander Water Revitalisers: The Portable "Grander Water" Penergiser

Grander Water Technology is now available in a pen-like design that you can take almost anywhere, anytime. The Penergiser is a unique sustainable technnology that helps return water to its natural state, by the use of natural forces.

The flavour and quality of your beverages eg.water, coffee, tea, fruit juice and wine will be improved greatly by using this unique device in the appropriate way outlined below. 


The Penergiser is deigned to treat a glass or cup at a time however, we suggest that you can treat up to 1 litre (maximum) under certain conditions.

Important: the Penergiser should not be immersed in boiling water, or left lying on or near computer monitors, TVs, microwaves or other emitters of electromagnetic radiation, as they will negatively effect the performance of the Penergiser for a short period of time.

NB. The Penergiser should be wiped dry daily to remove any mineral staining. If staining occurs use a soft cleaning agent eg. gumption.

Glass or Cup Size:stir beverage with the Penergiser approximately 20 times and allow it to stand in the beverage for around 1 1/2 minutes, remove the Penergiser. Taste the difference!

1 Litre (Maximum):secure the Penergiser by it's clip to the top , and inside of the vessel (bottle, jug etc), immersing the Penergiser in the water for 15 - 30 minutes. Remove the Penergiser and allow the water to stand for as long as possible to give maximum taste effect. (Some people penergise their bottles the day before use).