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Gai Padden

Gai's research leads to real health soultions

C.L. Services "Health Solutions" has evolved over the past 16 years through the management of rheumatoid arthritis and cancer suffered by Gai's husband

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Don't exercise, CELLERCISE®... The Home exercise trampoline you can trust.

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Juice Extractor Guide

Everything you need to know about juicing!

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Sauna Therapy

About Sauna Therapy

Healthstart's Far Infrared Saunas represents the latest technology in sauna therapy.

Far Infrared radiant heat is completely safe and natural, providing all the benefits of natural sunlight without the harmful UV rays.

Far Infrared is a form of radiant energy that gently heats objects directly without heating the surrounding air, unlike traditional steam saunas, yet allowing you to perspire three times as much as a traditional sauna and at a lower temperature.

Thoroughly researched and tested, these revolutionary saunas are proven to greatly improve your overall health by conditioning and relaxing the body. The ‘soft' radiant heat created by one of our saunas has been likened to the comforting warmth felt being behind a glass window on an autumn afternoon. The natural energy replenishes your body with far infrared light, normally gained by exposure to the sun.

This form of light is fundamental to all living things. Far infrared is SAFE, and that infrared technology has been used in medicine, science, industry and household common goods for over 30 years.


The most advanced Far Infrared Technology from Japan

The CARBON FIBRE panels comprise of multiple heat sensors that are calibrated to ensure continuous FIR heat at a lower surface temperature than other infrared sauna heaters.

The design of the CARBON FIBRE panels allows for better performance well within the "Vital Range" of 7 to 14 microns with a good portion at 9.4, which is the frequency at which a water molecule resonates or vibrates. This optimal micron output also allows for deeper penetration of far-infrared heat, which may improve body conditioning and well being.

The design of the Healthstart Far Infrared Saunas will ensure you are covered from head to toe with soft FIR heat and uses less power than other FIR saunas.

Using the latest CarbonTech heating panels the largest surface area coverage with the softest heat is produced.

Rejuvination and Relaxation

Relaxing in a Healthstart sauna will soothe your spirit while cleansing and conditioning your body. The benefits obtained through far infrared saunas complement sport and exercise programs but without the pain.