GRANDER Water EcoBoard – Large (29cm x 29cm)

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GRANDER Water EcoBoard – Large (29cm x 29cm)



29cm x 29cm

The EcoBoard consists of 1 x GRANDER® Revitalising Board and 1 x Ecojug which removes fluoride.
The GRANDER® Revitalising Board has a spiral copper tube filled with highly charged GRANDER® Information Water encapsulated within the laminated wood, so that any liquid in any container (glass, plastic, metal) that is placed on the board will begin to be restructured and revitalised (this includes the liquid in fruit or food that is placed on the board). House plants also benefit from being placed on the board.
The EcoJug is a 1.5 Litre glass jug which removes fluoride.

o Fill up the Ecojug and place on the GRANDER® Revitalising Board
o Revitalises up to 3 litres of water
o Portable – ideal for travel
o Revitalise foods and liquids
o Maintenance-free
o Removes Fluoride
o Replace Fluoride Filter every 3-6 months