• Waterways-CC1-Premium-Screw-in-FIlter

WATERWAYS Counter-Top Drinking Water Purifier-CC1 Cartridge



Waterways CC1 filtration systems have been specifically designed to provide you with a constant source of sweet tasting water. Convenient, environmentally friendly and on tap at all times. High quality filtered water is a convenient, environmentally friendly alternative to spring and bottled waters, for a fraction of the cost.


Waterways CC1 Quad Action cartridges incorporate 3 stages of sub-micron filtration for combined maximum performance.


CC1 is identifiable from would be pretenders by its 1st stage electrostatically charged white outer wrap. The outer wrap is designed to prevent filtered contaminants from entering and eventually clogging the sub-micron filtration structure of the cartridges 2nd stage internal carbon block. The 3rd stage of filtration is via a pharmaceutical membrane which is in place to prevent carbon migration.


CC1 effectively removes high percentages of chorine and it’s potentially health damaging chemical disinfection by-products. It also protects against a number of waterborne microbes including Giardia and Cryptosporidium Cysts.


The uniform inner structure of Waterways Freeflo CC1 is such that it prevents channelling. There is also a positive “screw in” seal to prevent water from by-passing the filter cartridge. The combined effect of these features is your guarantee that you will always drink high quality, purified water for the entire life of the filter cartridge.


Filter cartridge life will be determined by the quality of water that is being treated. Waterways recommend that cartridges be replaced at least annually.




  • Since using the Sprite Shower Filter my son’s asthma is so much better. He is not gasping for breath when showering. We were told chlorine is a poison put in our water to kill bacteria etc! And we shower in it…so it all makes sense now.

    Mary & Martin

  • I have suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for many years and have tried many probiotics on the market with little success. After using VMX (formerly OMX) for the past year or so my condition has improved to the point where I will never miss a day without taking the VMX – it has made my life liveable again & I recommend CL Services to anyone who will listen!


  • Since using the Sprite Shower & Bath Filters my son’s acne has improved. I find my hair is much softer & now has a shine to it. My daughter’s teenage pimples are definitely less noticeable & her hair, so fine, is looking thicker.


  • Eighteen years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Gai. During this time we have shared a great friendship and participated in a number of business activities. Gai’s dedication to Good Health and the extensive research she undertakes is the reason for her success in helping so many people. In particular her passion for clean healthy water, natural products, organic food, and radiation protection is commendable and is testimony to the many satisfied clients she has.


  • “Thank-you C.L. Services for your prompt service in January’18.  We have now been using our Waterways Water Purifier for over 2 months & we all feel “better”, just a good feeling, can’t explain it! The kids now ask for water to drink….a miracle-we have cut down on buying soft drinks.  We all seem to have more energy & with the kids taking their water bottles to school they also seem more settled.”

    Helen & Bruce

  • We have had our Waterways CC1 Water Purifier for over 12 years with no problems! Knowing we are drinking water without chlorine & heavy metals is very reassuring & I know our health has definitely improved, that point also confirmed by our naturopath, who also recommends C L Services to her clients.

    Kath & John

  • I was diagnosed with diabetes 11 years ago and not long after that I bought the Cellerciser. I changed my job from Line haul all over the state with cement tankers, driving 14 to 17 hr days to a job working on a mine site working 12 hour days, fly in fly out. My Cellerciser was small enough to fit in my room and I started to work slowly at first 2-3 min morning and night and built it up over six months to 20-30 min morning and night. I was 102 kilos and lost 20 kilos over 18 months back to 82 kilos.


    My weight has stabilised at 83-84 kg for many years now but I still use the Cellerciser as regular as clockwork except when I  have injured my knee. I have never taken any diabetes drugs. Instead I have controlled it with diet, certain supplements & the Cellerciser!