WATERWAYS Under-Sink Drinking Water Purifier

WATERWAYS Under-Sink Drinking Water Purifier



WATERWAYS CC1 Drinking Water Purifiers (by Multipure USA) is a 3 stage sub micron water purification system.

Other features include:

  • Positively charged electrostatic outer wrap (prevents bacteria entering the cartridge)
  • Sub micron carbon block filtration to 0.45 of a micron
  • Pharmaceutical grade final stage membrane
  • Superior USA filter housings (NSF approved)
  • Unique seal, cannot bypass
  • Does not lower TDS (TDS is a measure of mineral content) meaning it retains naturally occurring trace elements and minerals: magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium etc.
  • 2 year warranty

The under sink water purifier needs cartridges (2) replaced every 12 months – cost $145.

CC1 cartridge avg 4,000L: cost $0.03L Save $1.37 – $6.41L CC1 Counter-Top unit cost $326 average life 10 yrs +

The following Waterways units are available:

  • CC1 twin under sink water purifier
  • CC1 counter-top
  • CC1 commercial (no need to drill through sink/counter-top)
  • CC1 upgrade (to replace existing twin filter eg R/O)

Caution – Buying a Water Treatment System 

When purchasing a water treatment system, consider a water purifier under-sink system as it removes 100% of bacteria whereas a filter only removes some of the bacteria. We have experienced tradesmen available to install your Waterways water purifier under-sink.

Waterways CC1 under sink water purifier is a twin cartridge system. The first cartridge is a pre-filter that removes all dirt & sediment. The second is the CC1 activated carbon cartridge. Multipure, the US-based manufacturer of CC1, recommends filter change servicing at a maximum of 12 monthly intervals.

Copper in your drinking water can cause serious health problems. Waterways filters are used and recommended by doctors and naturopaths throughout Australia. Waterways CC1 (USA) Carbon Filter removes 99.9% copper plus high percentages of other heavy metals, chlorine, and bacteria. Independent testing has been carried out by a South Australian Government Laboratory.

The CC1 Filter is one of the world’s biggest selling filters due to its advanced technology. Nutritional & Environment Medicine practitioners, using hair analysis, have discovered high levels of copper in a large percentage of people tested. Some of the major problems experienced by people with excessive copper are joint pain, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalance, anxiety, depression, and cancer. Copper piping has always been identified as the major source of contamination.

Why Waterways CC1?

  • Laboratory report available
  • Proven copper removal unique to Waterways CC1
  • Advanced filtering and safety features
  • Retention of ‘good minerals’
  • Australian & USA Approved
  • Superior USA filter housings
  • Waterways 35 years experience
  • 2 Year warranty

Install Waterways at your home or office today! Bottled water 15 litres average cost $9. Waterways CC1 15 litres cost 0.34, save $8.66 per bottle!