Cellerciser Rebounder

Cellerciser Rebounder

Don’t Exercise – Cellercise!!

What makes the Cellerciser® different from “typical” rebounders?

For nearly 20 years Founder, David Hall, has explained the important distinctions between mini-trampolines, rebounders and his Cellerciser®. Typical rebounders use regular canvas, nylon, or plastic mats. They may even look the same as his. But when traditional mats stretch it can cause the user’s ankle to buckle or pronate. This, in turn, can cause damage to the ankle, knee, hip and back. His space-aged mat, made in the USA, won’t stretch. It moves with the action of the spring and supports the different movements without throwing you off balance or causing your feet to pronate. For that reason alone the Cellerciser®  is worth the price difference. But there’s much more…

Evolution of the Tri-Flex Spring

The Cellerciser® uses the patented Tri-Flex spring that offers support, movement, adaptability, and lift. It is the only self-adjusting spring of its kind! Automatically adjusting to the weight and height of the person using it. It’s specialized engineering, from “Mr. Rebounder” himself, is desigened with maximized benefit and proper physical safety in mind. Reducing nerve damage, knee problems, and lower back pain rebounders are likely to face.

Scientific Support for Cellercise

Cellercise® is a newer, much more efficient form of exercise recommended by hundreds of doctors, chiropractors, health professionals, and scientists worldwide. With just 10 minutes of exercise a day and 1 piece of equipment, Cellercise® can help you gain health benefits you never thought possible. And the best part is that it’s all scientifically sound – see for yourself in the journal excerpts below.

Cellercise® burns calories 11 times faster than walking, 5 times faster than swimming and 3 times faster than running. Other forms of exercise only use a limited number of muscles or body parts. Cellercise® works all of the cells – all 75 trillion, nearly 100 times a minute.

Scientific Facts

The Cellercise Brand

Cellercise®, Cellerciser® and Cellology®, The TriDaptable Spring® and the MrRebounder™ program are copyrighted as the exclusive intellectual property of David Hall and Health & Beyond LLC. All rights reserved.


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  • I was diagnosed with diabetes 11 years ago and not long after that I bought the Cellerciser. I changed my job from Line haul all over the state with cement tankers, driving 14 to 17 hr days to a job working on a mine site working 12 hour days, fly in fly out. My Cellerciser was small enough to fit in my room and I started to work slowly at first 2-3 min morning and night and built it up over six months to 20-30 min morning and night. I was 102 kilos and lost 20 kilos over 18 months back to 82 kilos.


    My weight has stabilised at 83-84 kg for many years now but I still use the Cellerciser as regular as clockwork except when I  have injured my knee. I have never taken any diabetes drugs. Instead I have controlled it with diet, certain supplements & the Cellerciser!