Copper in your drinking water can cause Serious Health Problems

`Waterways’ CC1 (USA) Carbon Filter removes 99.9% copper plus high percentages of other heavy metals, chlorine, bacteria etc. Independent testing has been carried out by a South Australian Government Laboratory – report available.

`Waterways’ filters are used and recommended by doctors & naturopaths throughout Australia.

The CC1 Filter is one of the world’s biggest selling filters due to its advanced technology.

  • Nutritional & Environmental Medicine practitioners, using hair analysis, have discovered high levels of copper in a large percentage of people tested.
  • Some of the major problems experienced by people with excessive copper are Joint Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Hormone Imbalance, Anxiety/Depression & Cancer.
  • Copper piping has been identified as the major source of contamination.

Why ‘Waterways’ CC1?

  • Laboratory report available
  • Proven copper removal unique to ‘Waterways’ CC1
  • Advanced filtering & safety features
  • Retention of ‘good minerals’
  • Australian & USA Standards Approved
  • Superior USA filter housings
  • ‘Waterways’ 35 years experience
  • 2 Years warranty

Install ‘Waterways’ at your home or office today! “Bottled water 15 litres avg cost $9, ‘Waterways’ CC1 “15 litres cost $0.34, save $8.66 per bottle!

Note 1: Water systems that alkalise, ionise or restructure water do not remove copper.
Note 2: “The truth about alkaline water,” from a scientific perspective, reports available.