Why you must consider buying a benchtop filter

Why you must consider buying a benchtop filter

If you want to buy a water filter but are unsure whether it is the right choice for your household, this blog post will help you. Countertop and benchtop water filters are two reliable water filtration solutions. A countertop water purifier sits by the sink, connecting directly to the faucet for accessible filtered water. On the other hand, a benchtop water filter doesn’t need any attachment and can be placed anywhere. Both are portable, but benchtop filters offer more flexibility.

Unlike countertop water filters, they are not attached to taps and suit various setups. Installation is easy, requiring minimal space. These water filters remove contaminants by using filtration media like ceramic or activated carbon, ensuring a clear water taste. Choose a benchtop water purifier for clean, great-tasting water wherever you need it.

What makes the benchtop water filter superior?

1. Benchtop filters are free-standing and easily portable

2. It can be placed on any flat surface.

3. Ideal for on-the-go use in cars, caravans, and boats.

4. Compact design suits smaller kitchens or limited spaces.

5. Not tied to a faucet, providing convenient water filtration.

7 Benefits of Benchtop Water Filters
1. Improves the taste of water  

One benefit of a benchtop water filter is that it enhances the taste of drinking water since the chemicals, minerals, and other pollutants are eliminated.

Although chlorine and fluoride keep the cleanliness of water supplies, they are not welcome in the home. It may irritate the eyes and skin, worsening drinking water’s taste. Fortunately, benchtop water filters remineralize and ionize ordinary tap water, ensuring you can enjoy healthy and pure water anytime.

2. Easy to set up

Benchtop water filters offer convenience with their simple setup and hassle-free self-service capabilities. They’re super easy to fill and maintain – giving pure, clean water without any headache. It not only saves your time but also saves cost.

3. Your water is safe to drink

Remember, unpleasant tastes and foul odors may mean the water isn’t safe to drink. There may be harmful contaminants that can cause health issues. Using a benchtop water filter gives the peace of mind that you are drinking safe water with essential minerals.

4. Reliable efficiency

Benchtop water filters are more efficient than other ordinary filtration systems available. You can expect more savings by avoiding expensive bottled waters. Portable and durable, this benchtop water filter ensures longevity, delivering excellent value for money.

5. Beautiful design  

This water filtration system ensures efficiency and health benefits and enhances your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. You can choose the color and design that best suits the kitchen theme.

6. Affordable cost

These benchtop water filters are available at an affordable cost. You need not spend a hefty amount for healthy and safe water. They are a reliable and economical option, ensuring that clean water is always within reach without straining your budget.

7. Easy maintenance    

The benchtop water filters demand minimal maintenance. Just follow the guidelines and replace the cartridge as recommended. Invest in a filtration solution that is not only durable but also simplifies the maintenance routine, making it convenient and efficient for prolonged water usage.

Uses of the benchtop water filters
Tap water improvement

This filtration system is an excellent solution for improving tap water. Here’s how-

  • Utilizes a 13-stage process for sterilization, filtration, and activation
  • Removes contaminants like chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride & bacteria.
  • Efficiently traps impurities with activated ceramic.
  • Carbon filtration enhances pollutant removal.
  • Turns tap water into great tasting, alkalized, energised, magnetized, and ionised mineral water
Reliable water source wherever you go

Benchtop water filters require no electricity or tap connection, ensuring a hassle-free water filtration solution for every setup. You can use it at home, in the office, in the apartment, for picnics, camping, boating, and anywhere to drink clean, great-tasting water.

Enhance health

Sip filtered water daily with benchtop water filters. Keep it simple for a healthier you – no impurities, just pure water for daily hydration. It is suitable for strengthening the immune system and reducing indigestion.

The Bottom Line

If you want to optimise your kitchen area, the benchtop water filter is the best option for pure, safe, healthy drinking water. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution to enhance tap water quality. Both countertop and benchtop water filters are good investments that provide excellent benefits; choose one per your needs.

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