Why you Should Choose Activated Carbon Water over Bottled Water?


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Why you Should Choose Activated Carbon Water over Bottled Water?

24 Jan 2024

Why choose bottled water when you can get fresh and clean water at home at reduced cost?

That is the question many should ask themselves. Because the cost of buying bottled water is huge and a much better alternative is available. Activated carbon water filter is an excellent option with many benefits.

When compared, a carbon water filter cartridge clearly wins over bottled water in terms of quality, safety, cost and more.

It is worthwhile to consider using an activated carbon water filter in your home. There are so many benefits of using a carbon filter cartridge.

Find out why, here:

  1. Easy to Install and Replace


Activated carbon filters are easy to install, replace and upgrade. Not to mention, they are easy to maintain. There are two ways you can install them:

Countertop: Twist onto your faucet or fit in a pitcher to get clean water whenever you want.

  • Under-sink: Connect to plumbing under your sink with simple wrench work. This will save you cost and give a clutter-free space if your kitchen is smaller in size.

Depending on your usage, these filters can last between three to twelve months. Usually, they will need replacing after three months in case they get saturated. Water filter replacement cartridges are easy to find online.

Save cost and find the perfect match at C.L. Services. We have a vast selection of carbon filters for both countertop and under the sink installation. You can quickly order online at an excellent price and enjoy impressive results.

  1. Conveniently Access Clean Water


What happens when you forget to replenish your fridge and there is no bottled water left?

Do you run out to buy the bottles, lug the heavy crate of bottles and then quench your thirst? Or simply reach for a glass and fill it with filtered water at the sink?

The latter sounds like a better option, doesn’t it? It will save you time and you can have as much water you want, anytime.

Convenience is one of the things that make an activated carbon water filter a great alternative to bottled water.

  1. Say Goodbye to Plastic Pollution


If you are feeling guilty about using plastic bottled water due to lack of better alternatives, try a carbon water filter cartridge.

Bottled water is responsible for adding to the plastic waste around the world. You will find them littering the landscapes, choking the oceans, and clogging the landfills each year.

You can avoid actively contributing to this environmental crisis without paying the heavy price of staying hydrated. With an activated carbon filter, you ditch the plastic altogether and start using reusable containers filled with clean, filtered water.

  1. Save Your Cash for Important Stuff


Using bottled water will not only hurt the planet, but it is also bad for your wallet too. Without your knowledge, these bottles are draining your budget and wasting your money when a better alternative is available.

If you invest in an activated carbon filter, you can enjoy long-term benefits. Activated carbon water filters are cheaper and easily replaceable. This provides a significantly more cost-effective hydration than purchasing bottled water for years to come.

  1. Better Taste at Reduced Cost


Compared to tap water, bottled water can taste flat and stale sometimes. In addition, you may notice traces of chemicals in it. The plastic bottle itself can contribute to its less-than-ideal taste.

Activated carbon filters offer clean and fresh water without altering the natural taste. You can enjoy natural-tasting water without extra cost.

Why settle for the mediocre when you can have the extraordinary? Bottled water may be convenient, but it does not offer any additional health benefits.

Activated carbon filters, however, can improve your overall well-being by removing potentially harmful contaminants like chlorine and organic compounds.

The Bottom Line

With an easy to install activated carbon water filter and water filter replacement cartridge, you can say goodbye to bottled water. Enjoy clean, fresh, and healthy water while saving cost. Embrace the advantages of activated carbon filters and unlock a world of delicious, sustainable hydration.

Whether you need carbon filters for the countertop or under the sink, C.L. Services offer the best solutions. Choose the best product from our vast selection to suit your needs.


  • Since using the Sprite Shower Filter my son’s asthma is so much better. He is not gasping for breath when showering. We were told chlorine is a poison put in our water to kill bacteria etc! And we shower in it…so it all makes sense now.

    Mary & Martin

  • I have suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for many years and have tried many probiotics on the market with little success. After using VMX (formerly OMX) for the past year or so my condition has improved to the point where I will never miss a day without taking the VMX – it has made my life liveable again & I recommend CL Services to anyone who will listen!


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  • “Thank-you C.L. Services for your prompt service in January’18.  We have now been using our Waterways Water Purifier for over 2 months & we all feel “better”, just a good feeling, can’t explain it! The kids now ask for water to drink….a miracle-we have cut down on buying soft drinks.  We all seem to have more energy & with the kids taking their water bottles to school they also seem more settled.”

    Helen & Bruce

  • We have had our Waterways CC1 Water Purifier for over 12 years with no problems! Knowing we are drinking water without chlorine & heavy metals is very reassuring & I know our health has definitely improved, that point also confirmed by our naturopath, who also recommends C L Services to her clients.

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